The Ultimate Guide to Stuff Your Kindle Day

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What is Stuff Your Kindle?

Stuff Your Kindle is a one-day event in which hundreds of authors offer some of their e-books for free on various online retailers. 

The purpose of this day is for you to discover new authors to check out and the ability to read on a budget. 

Participating in Stuff Your Kindle can be an overwhelming experience. Don’t worry!  In this post, I will share tips and tricks on maximizing your experience.

When did Stuff Your Kindle Day Start?

It was stated on Boxing Day, December 26, 2014, by author Zoe York. Zoe was a new author looking to expand her readership. When she ran out of opportunities, she created her own by offering her book along with other authors for free.

The day has evolved to multiple Stuff Your Kindle Drops. In addition, a niche genre special Stuff Your Kindle Day, has opened up throughout the year.

The reader benefits from discovering new authors while authors expand their reach. As we know, romance readers may be attracted to a trope, try out the author’s love, and then go forth and read the entire backlist in a short period. Thanks to BookTok, readers are likely to try a new author using Kindle Unlimited, and if they love it, they proceed to buy the physical books or even multiple Special Editions. This is a win-win for the reader! 

Is Stuffed Your Kindle sponsored by Amazon?

No, this is an independently sponsored event organized by a group of authors. Yes, free books already part of the Kindle Unlimited program will be available as part of this promotion. As you know, authors  may remove books from the KU program at any moment, so it may be beneficial to buy the book, 

Where to Find Information About Upcoming Days and Programs

Here is a list of websites and platforms that announce free eBook or Audiobook promotions.


Romance Book Blast

Stuff Your Earbuds- Audiobook Day

Cozy Mystery Book Blast – Cozy Mysteries! 

Dark Mode Books

Dark Mode Books hosts the Dark Mode Stuff Your Kindle Event for Dark Fiction, including free Dark Fantasy, Dark Romance, and Horror eBooks.

Witchy Bookworms – Witchy Paranormal Romances

Fantasy Book Dragons: – Fantasy Books 

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Pro Tip: You may also see Stuff Your Kindle Reminders on Social Media such as BookTok and Instagram. Creators may build recommendations listicles on what to download!

Tips and Tricks on Finding and Picking Books

Now, let’s get to the juicy part! How the eff am I going to sort through hundreds of books without a cover?

I understand I am a cover buyer, and the lack of covers can be the most frustrating part of the search.

Here are my go-to tips:

  1. Books are mainly sorted into genre categories. If you have a go-to like Contemporary and Historical, you can scroll through the categories,
  2. You may sort based on Spice Level – The scale is Sweet Romances tend to be Closed Door Romances, while Erotica is mainly sex with a bit of plot in between
  3. Keyword searching-  Click control F and write your favorite or micro trope.
  4. Scroll to familiar authors you may have seen mentioned by other authors, social media, or book friends.
  5. Before buying the book, you can read reviews on retail sites such as Amazon or Goodreads. 
  6. Look for content creators like myself who would post book recommendations on what to stuff your Kindle.

 How to Maximize Your ‘Stuff Your Kindle’ Experience

You should set a reminder. One trick is to check out the list likely to be live the day before and make a strategy plan. Guess what some books may be live before you stuff your Kindle Day!

Talk to your friends about what books they have downloaded. If you are looking for bookish friends, check out Facebook groups. You can post a request for recommendation yourself or look at the search button for previous questions.  

Looking for Facebook Groups?

You can search Book Genre Facebook Groups for ideas. Facebook will also promote new Groups to join. 

Potential Pitfalls to Avoid for Stuff Your Kindle Day

I don’t know about you, but I am a Kindle book hoarder. I will grab a bunch of books only to ignore them, and then when new stuff happens on your Kindle day, I try to download the book only to be reminded that I already “bought” the book. 

Here are a few tips and tricks:

  1. Set a download limit on the number of books you choose to download. Think of it as a compromise between quality and quantity. 
  2. If this is a series starter, I will check out if the series is complete, if the series is WIDE, not on KU, and what are the prices of the future books (you know your maximum budget when it comes to buying ebooks). I will also check out the rest of the series to see if I am likely to continue after the first book.
  3. You can purchase the book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or Apple Books if possible. If the author offers Book Funnel, this is okay, but so that you know, your email will likely be added to the author’s list. 

Additional Book Buying on a Budget Resources

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Stuff your Kindle Day is ideal for book shopping and discovering new authors. 

If you have discovered new authors and favorite books to read, thanks to Stuff Your Kindle Day, please drop your recommendations in the comments! 

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