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Today I want to share an excellent tool as you want to acquire more books without breaking the bank. Have you heard about PangoBooks? This is a book marketplace app where you can easily buy and sell your books.

In this episode, Grant Singleton, CEO, and Founder of PangoBooks, is here sharing why he founded this company and how PangoBooks fosters a community among book lovers.

If you have books to unhaul, please check out PangoBooks as a place to sell them. This tool makes it so easy to sell; all you need is your camera.

If you are looking to buy books, then PangoBooks offers you affordable options for used books. 

You can download the PangoBooks App viaIOS App Store and Google Play. Here is a link to the PangoBooks website.

PangoBooks Tips and Tricks

Click here for PangoBooks FAQ

I am looking to acquire books from one author. Do you have any tips?

My friend Aimee from shared this tip on Instagram. You can save your search on PangoBooks for an author’s name. If a book is listed for the author, you will receive a notification to check out and buy. This is an excellent tool if you are not looking for instant gratification and can wait for the book to become available.

How to save money when buying multiple books?

Make sure to follow Booksellers that have your reading taste. Try to buy from one bookseller, as you can save money on shipping. Sometimes, these booksellers may offer discounts if you buy a bundle of books.

I want to sell bundles of books, but I need to figure out how to package them. What do I do?

On Amazon, you can buy bubble-wrapped envelopes (12.5 x 18). Here is a link to the bubble-wrapped envelopes (Affiliate link); yes, they are pricy, but they can fit about 8 to 9 books per envelope.

How does shipping works?

Once you sell a book or a bundle, you will receive a notice on the app to print the shipping label. Yes, PangoBooks puts together the shipping label and weigh the books.

Each shipping label will include the list of books that you sold. All you have to do is package the books. Then drop it off at the USPS.

There are areas where USPS can pick up your package for you, so you don’t have to leave your house.

Personally, I don’t live in an area that does this, so I use DoorDash for package pickup. The DoorDash cost is $5 if you are not a DashPass member and $3 if you are a DashPass member, plus a tip. 

If you have a car or can walk to the USPS, you can drop off your package in one of the bins, and then you are all set.

Do you have a few stores for me to follow?

Yes, I am happy to share a few stores that you add a follow.

NovelGossip – Romance and Thrillers

Addie Yoder – All genres

Channa – Romance and Cookbooks (Baking!)

It’s Francesca – Romance

In the comments, let us know what do you look forward about buying books on PangoBooks?

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