Unlock Savings and Sync: The Power of Amazon Whispersync for Discounted Audiobooks

Amazon Whispersync

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Are you a Kindle Unlimited member who would love to read and listen to your books but you want to avoid paying a credit?  Then this blog article about the Amazon Whispersync program is for you. 

The Amazon Whispersync program allows you to read and listen to books simultaneously. As part of the program, if you borrow a book on Kindle Unlimited, Amazon will offer you to buy the audiobook at a discounted price. The price is typically $7.49, better than paying for an Audible credit (ranging from $10-15). 

What is the Amazon Whispersync program?

Amazon offers a seamless experience between reading the book on your Kindle and listening to the audio via Audible. The best part is that it syncs where you left off; therefore, you’ll never lose your place. This is an excellent tool for when you are reading a book that is so good that you can’t stop reading it.

Whispersync is when you purchase a Kindle book and add the audiobook narration with Amazon. Your books will sync on the various apps. For instance, if you are reading a chapter and decide to continue listening to the book on Audible, the app will start where you left off from the book. Whispersync works on your Kindle, Kindle App, Alexa, Audible, or other Amazon devices.

Why should you pick up a Whispersync Deal from Amazon?

If you want to add Audible Narration to your book but don’t want to spend a credit on it, then checking if the book offers a Whispersync deal is perfect.

Whispersync deals are perfect for Audible Exclusive titles, or you may have to wait a while to get it from your library.

How expensive are the books purchased through Whispersync?

Books available through Whispersync cost between $1.99 to $12.99. The majority of the Kindle Unlimited books cost $7.49. 

If I borrow a book from Kindle Unlimited, will I be eligible for the Whispersync deal?

Yes. Borrowing a book through Kindle Unlimited makes you eligible for the Whispersync deal. 

How do I know if a Kindle book offers a Whispersync Deal?

If you want to check a book, if they offer a whispersync deal for audio, then you must log in to the Amazon website. This tool does not work in the app.  Once you have borrowed the Kindle Unlimited book, you will click Audiobook. 

On the Audiobook page, you will see two options:

  1. Purchase through an Audible Credit 


  1. Whispersync for Voice. You will need to click this button to purchase the audiobook. 

I bought a physical copy of the book through Amazon, am I eligible for the Whispersync program? 

Unfortunately, the Whispersync program is offered only for e-book purchases. 

What is Amazon Matchmaker?

Amazon Matchmaker is a website that syncs your Kindle Library and lets you know the different Whispersync deals available for each Kindle book.  If you want to buy the book, click on it, and voila, you have bought this audiobook.

This is helpful if you are a Kindle deal book buyer and have many books on your Kindle that you would like to read, yet you need to remember you already own the book.

You may find some Kindle Unlimited books on the Amazon Matchmaker page.  

Click here to login into your Amazon Matchmaker.

Why can’t I find many of these Kindle Unlimited books on Libro.FM or the different library programs?

Quite a few indie books are “Audible exclusive”, so they are only available on Audible. Typically, this decision is made by the author or production company as part of their royalty.

If a book is Audible Exclusive, you cannot borrow it from the library or purchase it on  Libro.FM.  

The Amazon Whispersync program allows you to enjoy these books at a discount. 


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