Unlock a Year of Unlimited Reading: A Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing an Annual Kindle Unlimited Subscription

How to buy an annual Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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Kindle Unlimited a subscription service that offers a vast library of ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines. With Kindle Unlimited, readers can access over a million titles spanning various genres, from bestsellers to hidden gems.  Whether you’re a dedicated bookworm, a casual reader, or an audiobook enthusiast, 

Moreover, Kindle Unlimited continues beyond ebooks. It extends its offerings to include thousands of audiobooks, allowing subscribers to switch between reading seamlessly and listening on compatible devices. Whether you’re commuting, exercising, or simply relaxing at home, the convenience of accessing audiobooks through Kindle Unlimited ensures that your literary adventures are always within reach. 

In this post, we are offering tips on how to save money by purchasing a 6 months to a two year Kindle Unlimited subscription.

How do you buy an annual or two-year membership?

You can gift yourself a 6 months, annual, or two-year Kindle Unlimited membership at a discount. 

After the gift membership period ends, the Kindle Unlimited membership will auto-renew for $11.99 monthly. You can cancel anytime.

How To Purchase A Kindle Unlimited Subscription

  1. Go to Kindle Unlimted Gift Subscription page
  2. Select the type of membership you want to choose and click continue
    1. 6 Months = 59.94
    2. 1 Year = 119.88 or a better deal may be available!
    3. 2 Years = 172.66
Three options to buy a gift Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Insert the recipient’s name and email! You can leave them a message with the date you want the recipient to receive the gift subscription.

How to send the gft option on Kindle Unlimited

Can you gift yourself a Kindle Unlimited subscription?

Yes,  you can. TREAT YO’ SELF.  You will need to add your email to the “Recipient Email.” You will then receive an email with the gift subscription.


Make sure to click on the link, and the new subscription will be extended based on the time you purchased it. 


Once you have redeemed the subscription, Kindle Unlimited will be active until the new gifted membership. Please note that once you run out of your gifted membership, it will be renewed at the monthly fee.

Make sure to check out our Amazon Whispersync tutorial, where you can borrow Kindle Unlimited books to purchase their audiobook at a discount cost of $7.49 or even less.

Happy Reading!

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