Book Recommendations: Female Friendships in Romance #SquadGoals


Romance novels are not just about finding love. Sometimes a heroine needs a group of friends to support her in her journey to grow and find love.  Here are five series that show #squadgoals are possible.

The Wallflower Series by Lisa Kleypas

Secrets of Summer Night, It happened One Autumn, The Devil in the Winter, A Scandal in Spring 

  • A group of wallflowers who are tired of waiting decided to come together and help each other find a husband

  • Book 1 – Unrequited love

  • Book 2- Enemies to Lovers

  • Book 3 – Marriage of Convenience

  • Book 4- Unrequited love

Central Park Pact by Lauren Layne

Passion on Park Avenue, Love on Lexington Avenue, Marriage on Madison Avenue 

  • Unlikely group of friends. They meet at the funeral of their boyfriend. Yes they were married or dated the same menThey come together to support each other in finding the right guy.

  • Book 1- Enemies to Lovers/Childhood nemesis

  • Book 2: Friends to Lovers

  • Book 3 – Fake Engagement

Girls Meet Duke series by Tessa Dare 

The Duchess Deal, The Governess Game and The Wallflower Wager, book 4 The Bride Bet is coming this February 2021

  • A group of outcast who come together to support each other as they fall in love and find joy with life outside of the home. We have a few working girls in this crew. We also have a menagerie of animals. 

  • This series is perfect if you are looking for romance and comedy.

  • Another unlikely group of friends who met after a confrontation goes viral. 

  • They are supporting each other when it comes to career and finding love

The Disreputable Debutante series by Amy Rose Bennett

How to Catch a Wicked Viscount and  How to Catch an Errant Earl 

  • A group of friends gets kicked out finishing school.

  • They come together and make a list of man that they should marry

What are your favorite female friendship romance? Go ahead and share them in the comments!

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