120+ Alien Romance Books Recommendations that are Out of This World

Alien Romance Recommendations

You have fallen in love with the beloved Not-Hoth aliens with their enhanced physique and other spicy attributes, and you are looking for what to read next?  Let’s be honest sometimes you want to take a break from contemporary and read for an escape. What better way to do it than by picking up an Alien Romance? 

This post features 20 sci-fi authors who write alien romances with 120+ that are mostly available on Kindle Unlimited books that you can  add to your TBR!

The Ultimate Alien Romance Gateway Read: Ice Planet Barbarian by Ruby Dixon

Ice Planet Barbarian is a long-running series that starts with a group of women captured by Green Aliens to be sold in the Black Market as sex slaves.  Their ship crashes, and the women are stranded in  Not Hoth. Not-Hoth is inhabited by a tribe of male aliens who instantly fall in lust with the women. 

Ice Planet Barbarian is a fated mate, insta-lust romance. 

Reading Order for Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon:

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian Alien by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian Lover by Ruby Dixon 

Barbarian Mine by Ruby Dixon

Ice Planet Holiday by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian’s Prize by Ruby Dixon 

Barbarian’s Mate by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian’s Touch by Ruby Dixon 

Barbarian’s Taming by Ruby Dixon 

Barbarian’s Heart by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian’s Hope by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian’s Choice by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian’s Redemption by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian’s Lady by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian’s Rescue by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian’s Tease by Ruby Dixon

The Barbarian Before Christmas by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian’s Beloved by Ruby Dixon 

Barbarian’s Valentine by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian’s Selection by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian’s Treasure by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian’s Bride by Ruby Dixon 

Where to read and listen to Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon?

Ice Planet Barbarian series is available on Kindle Unlimited as an ebook.

 If you have access to Hoopla Digital (check out our guide to Hoopla Digital), you can get access to the audiobooks for free.

If you do not have access to Hoopla Digital but would like to listen to the audiobooks for free, Scribd also has them along with 64 Ruby Dixon audiobooks. You can start a 60-day Scribd trial by signing up here.

Recently, Berkley Romance bought the rights for Ice Planet Barbarians, and they are republishing the series with bonus content as trade paperbacks.

120+ Books Like Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon (Most Books Are Available on Kindle Unlimited)

S.E. Smith

S.E. Smith is a New York Times, USA TODAY, International, and Award-winning Bestselling author of Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Western Time Travel, Paranormal Romance, and Young Adult. Her addictive storylines bring action, adventure, and suspense-filled tales mixed with humor and romance to readers worldwide. 

Hunter’s Claim by S.E. Smith

Earth has a new visitor from space. This visitor is captured by ruthless humans and a female risks it all to save him. This is their love story.

This is a six-book series: 

About Juno Wells 

Juno Wells grew up on Florida’s Space Coast, watching the shuttles take off from Cape Canaveral. Her childhood fantasies about space travel turned highly romantic when she hit college. Now her mind reels with space adventures of fantastic alien lords in distant galaxies and the earth women they love.

Wells’ stories explore the complex, sensual relationships between inhabitants of different star systems. There are always happy endings, just as there is always a new world to explore.

About Miranda Martin 

USA Today bestselling author Miranda Martin writes fantasy and sci fi romance featuring heroes with out-of-this-world anatomy that readers call ‘larger than life’ and smart heroines destined to save the world. She would sneak off with her nose in a book as a little girl, dreaming of magical realms. Today she brings those fantasies to life and adores every fan who chooses to live in them for a while.

Though born and raised in southern Virginia, Miranda Martin is a veteran who’s traveled to places like Korea, Hawaii, and good ‘ole Texas. She’s since settled in Kansas, the heart of America, with her husband and daughters, a cat, and wishes for a pet dragon or unicorn. You can still find her tucked away somewhere with a warm blanket and her nose in a book when she’s not writing.

Check out the Draconian Warriors Series 

Alien Warrior’s Captive Bride by Juno Wells and Miranda Martin

Mara Jaye 

Mara has been a card-carrying member of several science fiction fan clubs for most of her life. From old-school Star Trek and Twilight Zone to today’s latest and greatest, Mara has been fascinated by the rest of the universe.

Having found success as a writer in another genre, Mara decided to tell stories about the sexy space aliens living in her imagination. Come along with her for an escape into a universe with intelligent, strong, and always sexy men from other worlds.

Check out the Intergalactic Warriors series

Amber’s Discovery by Mara Jaye 

Two hunky men show up at her front door to save her from alien kidnappers. Well, they are bandmates and shenanigans ensue. 

This is a four-book series; here is a list of the rest of the books in the series: 

 Ivy Sparks

Ivy Sparks is passionate about romances that feature kick-ass heroines and the dark alpha males who love them.

Ivy is usually out enjoying a hike or reading at a coffee shop when she’s not furiously typing away at her keyboard. If not for her demanding cat, she’d probably have even more books out.

Her Alien Mates by Ivy Sparks

After crashing onto the savage planet of Korvia, my friends and I are turned into glorified prizes to be won in violent competition. And it’s not a winner-takes-all situation either…For each female, two Korvia males must mate in order to procreate.  

Amanda Milo

Amanda Milo is a diehard lover of romance. She loves it when she can write characters who make a reader laugh–and swoon.

Stolen by an Alien by Amanda Milo

A human female woke up in an auction pen. But this gladiator alien rescues her because he assumes she is a princess. This might be a case of mistaken identity or potentially fated mates. 

This is a six-book series. Here is a list of the rest of the books in the series: 

Zoey Draven

Zoey Draven loves to read about hot, insatiable alpha aliens and loves to write about them even more. She is the author of the Warriors of Luxiria series.

Warrior of Luxirias series

The Alien’s Prize by Zoey Draven

Abducted by aliens as a prized to breed. The heroine has conflicted feelings, she may be falling for the barbarian alien and wanting to come back to Earth. This book resembles Ice Planet Barbarians. 

This is an eight-book series. Here is the list of the rest of the series:

Hattie Jacks 

Hattie Jacks is a British author of steamy sci-fi romance. She loves to write about super hot alpha aliens and the feisty human ladies who are unprepared to accept their fate. Unless fate tells them to lose their hearts…

Hattie is the first to admit that her entire writing machine runs on tea. And cake, preferably together and preferably chocolate fudge (the cake, not the tea). She lives in a small corner of the British Isles with her husband and a striped cat-shaped missile called Jimmy.

Fierce by Hattie Jacks

A human woman was abducted by an alien predator who wanted to use her to procreate. She doesn’t want to give in. But he is smoking hot. 

A dystopian alien Sci-Fi Romance from Hattie Jacks. Fierce is the first in the Rogue Alien Warriors series. This sizzling, steamy, and smoking hot romance between an alien predator and his human prey will take your breath away…

The Rogue Alien Warrior series is a five-book series. Here are the rest of the books: 

Honey Phillips 

Honey wrote and illustrated her first book at the tender age of 5. Her writing has improved since then. Her drawing skills, unfortunately, have not. She loves writing, reading, traveling, cooking, and drinking champagne – not necessarily in that order.

Her steamy science fiction stories focus on hot alien warriors and the Earth women they can’t resist. The ride might be rough, from abductions to invasions, but the end always satisfies.


Anna and the Alien by Honey Phillips

Anna was abducted by an alien. In her ship, a prisoner (an alien) is attracted to her, and she wants him to survive. They are stranded on a brand new planet. Just an FYI, the alien cannot mate with someone outside their race.


The Alien Abduction series features seventeen standalone books. Each book follows a different couple, and they do not need to be read in order. Here is a list of the rest of the books: 


 Iona Strom

Iona Strom writes for readers who love hot and endearing romances featuring exotic alien males who fall hard for their human mates.

Nomadican Mates series (7 book series in a boxset) by Iona Strom

Book 1-4 follows Ivey’s story. She was abducted by an alien and is stuck on a ship with hot aliens. She must choose whether to stay or to go back to Earth.

Book 5-7 follow Kat’s story. “A Nomadican male with a bad reputation. A human woman on her own in the vastness of space. Will she play his victim or teach him a lesson he will never forget?”

Emma Alysin and Celeste King

Emma Alysin

Emma is a 40 mumble mumble bi-racial American Muslim mom of five who writes steamy, diverse Fantasy & Sci-Fan Romance.

Her Princes, Shifters, & Alien Warriors will most interest readers who like their alphas strong, protective, and smokin’ hot; their heroines feisty, brainy, too grown to give a *uck, and over the age of 30.

Celeste King

Celeste King loves to write about naughty aliens and sassy humans. When worlds collide, there’s sure to be humor and romance, which gets her in front of the keyboard daily.

Telling the stories that are in her brain. Most people would be worried if they couldn’t stop thinking about imaginary voices, but since she started writing down the crazy “what ifs” that occur to her, it’s an exciting adventure.

Her cat, keyboard, and husband keep her busy and happy alongside a nice mug of green tea. She doesn’t enjoy them in that order… necessarily.

She’s busy at work on books in her Kaleth world, where human culture is just the guilty pleasure the rest of the universe shares.


The Warlord’s Prize by Emma Alysin

This is a spicy prequel novella to the Khuldun Warriors series. “I’m hunted, half dead from my father’s assassin, when I stumble on a vicious Khuldunian warrior. He is everything I need. Fearless, possessive, willing to protect me from my enemies in exchange for the only currency I have left.”

The Khuldun Warrior series is comprised of a prequel novella and two books. Here is a list of the books in the series: 

Julie K. Cohen

Julie K. Cohen lives in Pennsylvania, USA, with her husband, two sons, one daughter, and one very loud German Shepherd. When she’s not writing Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance and Paranormal Romance novels, she bakes, solves puzzles, travels, gardens, walks her dog, and reads. She enjoys humor in all forms, but especially parody and puns. Her family hates watching movies with her because she usually figures out the ‘bad guy’ and plots early in the movie. That said, she always appreciates a good twist! Julie loves developing intricate plots and smart, ‘flawed’ characters who don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of protecting the ones they love.

Alien Claimed by Julie K. Cohen

This is a Mail-Order Bride between a human female and an alien. This book promises unexpected twists that will keep you turning the pages.

The Zyanthian Warrior series consists of seven mail-order brides’ books. Each book follows a different couple and can be read as a standalone.  Here are the rest of the books in the series: 


 A few of these books are available on Kindle Unlimited.

What is Kindle Unlimited

An Amazon membership allows you to borrow up to 20 books at a time for a flat fee of about $9.95 a month. There are thousands of romance books available through Kindle Unlimited. Some books even offer a free whispersync with the audiobook. 

If you are not part of Kindle Unlimited, click here to join.

Luna Kingsley

Luna Kingsley writes steamy sci-fi and paranormal romance. She loves a happy ending more than chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream on top! When she’s not writing, she’s attempting to keep up with her two active boys on their adventures. With her faithful rescue dog at her side, she’s dreaming up “out of this world” romances with sexy aliens who are irresistible.

Caged with an Alien by Luna Kingsley

The hero is a captive warrior who must fight. The heroine signed up for a medical study that led her to a strange planet where she must breed with aliens.  

This series is an Alien breeder series between humans and aliens. This is a five-book series. Here is a list of the rest of the books in the series:

Presley Hall

I love reading romance, baking (well… eating) cookies and binge-watching sci-fi shows with my husband. I’m a sucker for a dirty-talking alpha with a heart of gold, and I write stories about fierce aliens and the strong Earth women they fall in love with.

Claimed by Presley Hall

Claimed is a full-length standalone sci-fi romance featuring alien gladiators with huge… horns, a sassy heroine who finds her courage in space, and a protective hero who would do anything for his fated mate.

The Fated Mates of Kalixian Warriors is an eleven-book series featuring possessive aliens, adventures, and heart-pounding romance. Here is a list of the rest of the books in the series: 

Rayna Tyler

Rayna Tyler is an author of paranormal and sci-fi romance. She loves writing about strong, sexy heroes and the sassy heroines who turn their lives upside down. Whether in outer space or a supernatural world here on Earth, there’s always a story filled with adventure.

Jardun’s Embrace by Rayna Tyler 

A human who is tasked to retrieve a warrior. The warrior finds her intoxicating. Both are bound together in order to save the world. 

Ketaurran Warriors books is a six-book series. Each book follows a separate couple and can be read as a standalone. However, for maximum reading experience, it is best to read them in order.  Here is a list of books in the series: 

Jessie Mihalik 

Jessie Mihalik has a degree in Computer Science and a love of all things geeky. Jessie now writes full-time from her home in Texas, a software engineer by trade. She can play co-op video games with her husband when she’s not writing, try new board games, or read books pulled from her overflowing bookshelves. 

Polaris Rising by Jessie Mihalik 

“A space princess on the run and a notorious outlaw soldier become unlikely allies in this imaginative, sexy space opera adventure—the first in an exciting science fiction trilogy.”

The Consortium Rebellion is a three-book series that can be read as a standalone however it b best to read the books in order. Here are the two other books in the series:

Emma Vance

Emma Vance writes steamy Sci-Fi/Fantasy romance to escape her daily life as an attorney.

She loves the satisfaction of reading a happily ever after, which is why all her novels have them. When she’s not writing, or in the courtroom, you can find her drinking a glass of wine, playing with her young daughter, or practicing yoga. Not at the same time. Possibly at the same time.

Rescued by the Dragorian by Emma Vance 

Aliens abduct a human woman, and she wakes up in a brothel. Her first client realizes she is his mate, but he has a task to complete. Can he convince his mate to follow him?

The Pleasure Planet series consists of a four-book series. Here is a list of the books in the series: 

Corin Cain 

Corin Cain is a dark sci-fi romance author who loves reverse harem. While each book is a standalone romance story, these can be read to avoid spoilers. If you prefer, you can jump around and start anywhere you like!

Rogue Mates by Corin Cain

This box set includes three full-length novels. This is a curvy girl Alien reverse harem novel.

Here is a list of books included in the boxset:

Ella Maven

Ella Maven is the pen name for a multi-published USA Today Bestselling author who decided to finally unleash the alien world that had been living in her head for years. (Is that weird? Probably). Her books feature dominant, possessive aliens who are devoted to their humans. She lives on the East Coast with her normal husband and two spawns who sometimes seem alien.

The Alien’s Sacrifice by Ella Maven 

A human female is stranded on a strange planet, and the hero, an alien, is trying to keep to himself. Until he sees the human female being attacked. He must save her, which will shift his life trajectory. 

The Outcasts of Corin consists of a four-book series.  Here is a list of the rest of the books in the series: 

Lynnea Lee 

Lynnea Lee is a recovered serial monogamist who now lives in her forever home with the warrior of her dreams. Still hopelessly addicted to the feeling of falling in love, she now feeds her habit with a routine prescription of romance novels and rampant imagination. When she is not dreaming up fantastical stories of love, lust, and romance, her hobbies include talking to her plants, putting on a full face of makeup to stay home on Saturday nights, and hugging her dog and other fur babies longer than is appreciated.

Hunter’s Quest by Lynnea Lee 

This is a post-apocalyptic alien romance where the hero has called dips on the heroine, and the heroine is like no, buddy, we are not fated mates. This series is filled with action, adventure, and tons of steam. 

The Xarc’n Warriors: Mountains consist of a four-book series. Here is the list of the rest of the books in the series:

Becca Brayden 

Becca Brayden spends her days writing and her nights dreaming up her next hot adventure with even hotter alien hunks. A Colorado native, she has lived in New Zealand, Florida, Alabama, and Kansas and loves to travel in direct proportion to how much she hates to cook. Chocolate makes her happy, licorice makes her cringe, and despite the cult following – she hates pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice lattes. (More for you!) Natural wanderlust has given her a deep love for Mediterranean food and a bookshelf filled with everything from philosophy to sexy romance.

She believes that if we are to save our great planet and all its amazing inhabitants, we must put aside our differences and collectively work together!!

Alien King Crashes a Wedding by Becca Brayden

Sasha is attending her best friend’s wedding with an alien warrior. At this wedding, she connects with an alien who happens to be a King. Their chemistry is explosive as they come together. 

Bestselling author Becca Brayden transports you to a world you’ll ache to again… a world where lethal alien warriors are ready to come out of hiding to protect Earth and the human women they love! They’re looking for the forever kind of love, action, adventure, and passion hot enough to set the pages on fire.

The Lumerian Knights consist of a four-book series.  Here is a list of the rest of the books in the series:

What was your gateway read when it comes to alien romances?

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