Book Recommendations; 65 Small Town Romances Available on Kindle Unlimited

Book Recommendations: Small Town Romances Available on Kindle Unlimited

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If you are a fan of small-town romances, then this list is for you. We are featuring 20 romance books (with a few series sprinkled because let’s be honest once you fall in love with the town you want more of it) that are all available on Kindle Unlimited.


Small town romances tend to be reminiscent of Hallmark movies. Popular tropes are a high-power city girl who has to come back to her hometown and ends up falling in love with a hero from the town. In these books, you will find lots of secondary characters who can meddle in the affairs of the main characters. There is world-building because we are transported often to a new town that may be as quirky as Stars Hollow. 


Kindle Unlimited is an Amazon membership that allows you to borrow up to 20 books at a time for a flat fee of about $9.95 a month. There are thousands of romance books available through Kindle Unlimited. Some books even offer a free whispersync with the audiobook. 

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All of the books listed here are available in the Kindle Unlimited program

Perfect Alpha by Olivia Peters

This is a small town second chance romance featuring a sibling’s best friend. The heroine leaves town with heartbreak and tragedy strikes that lead her to come back to town. Romance ensues.

There are five books in the series.  The tropes range from Single Dad, Enemies to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Second Chance, and Sports Romance.

Here is a list of the books in the series: 

The former Football player is back in town and reconnects with the girl who rejected him in High School, Hannah always had feelings for the hero but she has memories she would like to forget.

This is a small town, M/M romance where two strangers come together and fall in love. This book is set in Maine and yes, there are some lobster rolls mentioned.

This is book 1 in a small town romantic suspense series set in Texas. In the first book, the hero has to protect the heroine as she escapes baggage from her past.

Long Summer Nights is low angst, steamy, small town, contemporary romance. This book features two characters that are avoiding falling in love.

This is a four-book series. This series’ overarching arc is that the brothers get a love curse and they are unlucky in love until the right person comes along. 

Here is the list of books in the series:

Two childhood friends are playing house—and maybe playing for keeps— Adriana Locke’s funny, sexy, and unpredictable marriage-of-convenience romance. The heroine needs fast cash to save her Bed and Breakfast while the hero needs to show that he is a committed man. He offers to pay the bills if the heroine accepts marrying him in a marriage of convenience. 

This is a three-book small-town series. The tropes featured are Friends to Lovers, Second Chance, and Age Gap.

The books featured in the series:

This is a four-book series. The tropes featured are fake relationships, friends to lovers, star-crossed lovers, and another friend to lovers,

The books featured in the series: 

This is a four-book series. The tropes featured in this series are star-crossed lovers, slow burn, friends to lovers,  friends with benefits, and a Christmas romance. 

The books featured in the series are:

This is small-town romance friends to lovers romance. That marriage pact I made with my grumpy, off-limits best friend. That was totally a joke…Right? Well, it might not be a joke.

This is a four-book series. The tropes featured are bad boy/good girl, star-crossed lovers, angsty friends to lovers, and sports romance. 

The books featured in this series: 

This is a five-book series. The tropes featured are a marriage of convenience, enemies to lovers, stranded together in the middle of a snow storm, and a hero who has never been rejected, 

The books featured in this series:

This is a six-book series.  About the first two books, they feature lifelong soulmates, ridiculous pranks, brother shenanigans, and a feuding town. The third book in the series features a grumpy hero and a sunshine heroine. Book 4 features a wild child who meets his match with a shy writer.  Book 5’s trope is enemies to lovers and finally book 6’s trope is a single parent.  This series must be read in order.  You can start with book 1 Protecting You. 

The books featured in the series are:

This book series has 8 books. This series features popular small town tropes such as city girl journalist travels to the small town and falls for the farmer hero. 

The books featured in the series are: 

This is a six book series that features a friends to lovers, girl coming back to town but she is resisting falling in love. All books are connected standalones set in the same town of Poplar Falls. 

The books featured in the series are:

This is a three-book series. When a family of former pro football players buy a small Texas town, they didn’t intend to start a war with its residents … or to fall in love.

Find humor, heart, and a happily ever after with this rom com series following a family of former football players finding love in a small town. 

Please note, this is a closed door series. 

The books featured in this series are:

This is a three book series. This series features sports, firefighter and billionaire romance set in a small town. 

The books featured in this series are: 

This is a six-books series.  Satisfying love stories and realistic, well-developed characters are waiting for you in the Small-Town Secrets series. With every new book, you’ll get to know more of the townspeople and their hang-outs in the charming little town of Fairview. There’s The Clipper, where Ashley always remembers your drink — and knows all the gossip. Have some ice cream at Remy’s or a cookie from Hazel’s Bakery. If you order a pizza, nobody makes them like Sorrentino’s. You’ll meet new people in every book, and you’ll also catch up with the people you met in earlier books, watching their relationships deepen and their families grow. At the heart of each book is the love story. Each couple has unique challenges to overcome as they work to find their own Happily Ever After. Welcome to Fairview!

The books featured in this series are:

What are your favorite aspects of a small town romance? Do you love interconnected series of standalones where you can catch with characters from previous books?

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