10 Books Like Tis The Season For Revenge I Holiday Rom-Coms

Books Like Tis the Season for Revenge by Morgan Elizabeth (Spicy Holiday RomComs)

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For the rom-com lovers out there (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), ‘tis the season for Christmas Romances. If you are in the market for Holiday Romances to complement your Hallmark TV watching, then we have a list for you. 

Tis the Season for Revenge by Morgan Elizabeth is a popular Kindle Unlimited holiday romance set in NYC. This is a grumpy/sunshine with a side of revenge plot romcom. It is a fast-paced book that you can read in one sitting.


This book is available on Kindle Unlimited.

Abbie Keller thought that Richard Bartholemew Benson the Third would be her forever. In their four years of dating, she never doubted that she wouldn’t end up with his grandmother’s engagement ring on her finger. Sure, she had to change a few things about herself to fit that mold, like dying her hair, dressing more conservatively, and finding golf enjoyable (honestly, the most difficult of the changes), but she was sure that at the end of it all, it would be worth it.

That is, until he leaves her crying outside her apartment wearing a Halloween costume, having broken it off with her because she’s just not serious enough. She was just fun, he tells her – and now that Richard has become a partner at his law firm in his sights, he needs to focus on work.

So she does what every girl does when she’s broken up with her: she calls her friends, gets drunk, dyes her hair, and formulates her plan for revenge. The universe supports her efforts and gives her the perfect match to prove to her ex that he made a huge mistake: his boss.

Abbie starts dating the founding partner of Richard’s law firm, Damien Martinez, with one thing in mind: convincing him to invite her to the huge annual Christmas party as his date.

But when the relationship starts to become something more than casual dating and Abbie sees that the tough New York lawyer has a soft side, will she be able to follow through with her plan of deceit?

Tis the Season for Revenge is a contemporary, grumpy sunshine, age-gap, Christmas romance.

Why should you read Tis the Season for Revenge by Morgan Elizabeth?

If you love Legally Blonde, then this is your book. Abbie has been in a long-term relationship with a douche who suddenly breaks up with her by leaving her on the side of the road. Abbie and her friends concoct a revenge plan, and Abbie ends up dating her ex’s boss. Let me tell you, the hero of this book is swoony!  He is the ultimate book boyfriend.

This book is set in NYC and is full of Holiday Magic. 

If you haven’t picked up, then what are you waiting for? Add it to your TBR ASAP.


The Matzah Ball by Jean Metzler

Oy! to the world

Rachel Rubenstein-Goldblatt is a nice Jewish girl with a shameful secret: she loves Christmas. For a decade, she’s hidden her career as a Christmas romance novelist from her family. Her talent has made her a bestseller, even as her chronic illness has always kept the kind of love she writes about out of reach.

But when her diversity-conscious publisher insists she writes a Hanukkah romance, her well of inspiration suddenly runs dry. Hanukkah’s not magical. It’s not merry. It’s not Christmas. Desperate not to lose her contract, Rachel’s determined to find her muse at the Matzah Ball, a Jewish music celebration on the last night of Hanukkah, even if it means working with her summer camp archenemy—Jacob Greenberg.


Rachel and Jacob haven’t seen each other since they were kids, but their grudge still glows brighter than a menorah. But as they spend more time together, Rachel finds herself drawn to Hanukkah—and Jacob—in a way she never expected. Maybe this holiday of lights will be the spark she needed to set her heart ablaze. 

Why should you read this book?

If you love childhood enemies to lovers romance, then this book is for you. This book features Jewish representation where we experience Hannukah and Matzah Balls.  This is a closed-door romance. If you love Hallmark movies, then this book is for you.  

 ‘Tis the season for a Bromance Book Club matchmaking mission! This time, they’re pulling out the mistletoe for everyone’s favorite country music star, Colton, and his second chance at love.

Country music’s golden boy Colton Wheeler felt the perfect harmony when he was with Gretchen Winthrop. But for her, it is “a love him and leave him” the situation. A year later, Colton struggles to push his music forward in a new direction. If it weren’t about to be the most magical time of year and the support of the Bromance Book Club, he’d be wallowing in self-pity. 

It’s hard for immigration attorney Gretchen not to feel a little Scrooge-ish about the excess of Christmas when her clients are scrambling to afford their rent. So when her estranged, wealthy family reaches out with an offer that will allow her to serve the community better, she’s unable to say no. She just needs to convince Colton to be the new face of her family’s whiskey brand. No big deal…

Colton agrees to consider Gretchen’s offer in exchange for three dates before Christmas. With the help of the Bromance Book Club, Colton throws himself into the task of proving to her there’s a spark between them. But Gretchen and Colton will both need to overcome the ghosts of Christmas past to build a future together.

Why should you read this book?

This book is for you if you love the Bromance Book Club series. The Bromance Book Club follows a group of men who reads romance novels to explore their feelings about relationships.

In this installment, the Bromance Book Club reads a  Christmas Romance. This story is between a country star and an heiress lawyer who had a one-night stand, and they must come together for romantic reasons.

This book is excellent on audio.

This book is available on Kindle Unlimited.

What’s the last thing you’d ever want your executive assistant to see you doing the morning after you had hot, drunk, angry sex with her in a terrible hotel room? Dancing around your terrible hotel room to “Come and Get Your Love” like Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy—naked? Yeah. Me too.

And yet, here we are.

This isn’t even the most unprofessional thing between us in the past couple of weeks.

The first was when I agreed to let her have Christmas Day off, but only if she went with me to three family gatherings as my fake girlfriend.

The second was when she caught me belting a Christmas song on stage in the awful hotel bar.

The third was the hot, drunk, angry sex that followed, but I do not regret it.

And she hasn’t even found out why I need her by my side this holiday season.

I need to pull it together before I do the dumbest, most unprofessional thing—fall head over heels in love with the only assistant who’s lasted more than a month at the job and claims to hate me and my moods more than she hates eggnog.

And I’ve seen how much she hates eggnog.

Why should you read this book?

This book is for you if you are looking for holiday rom-com recommendations. This is an enemies-to-lovers workplace romance who has to fake dates, and whoops, they develop feelings.  This book is a delight, and yes, it is spicy. 

This book is available on Kindle Unlimited. 

Where the lovelight gleams …

A pasture of dead trees. A hostile takeover of the Santa barn by a family of raccoons. And shipments that have mysteriously gone missing. Lovelight Farms is not the magical winter wonderland of Stella Bloom’s dreams.

To save the Christmas tree farm she’s loved since she was a kid, she enters a contest with instafamous influencer Evelyn St. James. With the added publicity and the $100,000 cash prize, she might just be able to save the farm from its financial woes. There’s just one problem. To make the farm seem like a romantic holiday destination, she lied on the application and said she owns Lovelight Farms with her boyfriend. Only … there is no boyfriend.

Enter best friend, Luka Peters. He just came home for some hot chocolate and somehow got a farm and a serious girlfriend.

Lovelight Farms is a romantic comedy featuring a handsome, freckled data analyst, a messy, optimistic Christmas tree farm owner, and a small town with the best hazelnut lattes on the east coast. This sweet and steamy romance is a holiday happily ever after.

Why should you read this book?

This book is for you if you love small-town romance set in Christmas Tree Farms. This is a best friend to lovers who happens to fake date in order to save the farm.  

I suggest reading this book instead of picking up the audio, as it will be a better experience. 

Have you read Lovelight Farms?

Then check out our books similar to Lovelight Farms by BK Borison list.

Baggage Claim
By Smith, Juliana

Buy on Amazon

This book is available on Kindle Unlimited.

Olive Moore has been avoiding her hometown for three years now. But a phone call with her mom has her agreeing to spend the holidays back home with her family, she lets it slip she will be bringing a boyfriend with her. The only problem with that is she has no boyfriend. That is until she meets a handsome—albeit annoying—stranger on the plane who makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

Finn Beckett has always had good luck, as demonstrated by the gorgeous blonde he’s seated next to on a flight to Aspen. One drink too many leads to Olive spilling her problems in his lap, and he feels compelled to help. So he makes her an offer: he’ll pretend to be her boyfriend to keep her family off her back and make this the best Christmas ever.

Olive and Finn spend the next two weeks on spirit-filled Christmas dates with her family. Their ruse is working perfectly, but Finn can’t help but notice Olive is holding something back. Something that could ruin everything.

Their relationship may have taken off smoothly, but with all this turbulence, will they ever make it to baggage claim?

This book is available on Kindle Unlimited

I haven’t been home for Christmas in eight years.

But that’s about to change. This year, I’m traveling to my small hometown to convince my producer to make me the permanent host of Good Day Denver.

The plan: Charm viewers by sharing my favorite family Christmas traditions and in turn, get the likes, clicks, and shares to land the job.

Not the plan: Running into my ex-boyfriend.

In my house.

For Christmas.

But here he is, a guest of my mother, who had more trouble letting go of Max Weber than I did.

Unfortunately, he is as handsome, charming, talented, annoying, frustrating, and flirty as ever.

Unfortunately, he seems to have the plan to convince me to give him a second chance.

Which is not happening.

There’s just one problem—my viewers love him. More than that, they love us. Me and Max. My ex.

The boy who broke my heart.

The boy I now have to fake flirt with to win over the hearts of my viewers.

But it’s not their hearts I’m worried about. . . it’s mine.

Merry Ex-Mas is a sweet, small-town, second-chance romance with a dash of not-so-fake flirting, a tiny bit of enemies to lovers, and just enough forced proximity to make things sizzle. 


Greta Russakoff loves her tight-knit family and tiny Maine hometown, but they can’t seem to understand what it’s like to be a lesbian living in such a small world. When an act of familial meddling goes way too far, she realizes just how desperately she needs space to figure out who she is.

Truman Belvedere’s heart is crushed when he learns that his boyfriend has a secret life, including a husband and daughter. Reeling, all he wants is a place to lick his wounds far away from Louisiana.

Enter a mutual friend with a life-altering idea: swap homes for the holidays. For one perfect month, Greta and Truman will have a chance to experience a whole new world…and maybe fall in love with the partner of their dreams. But all holidays must end, and eventually, these two transplants will have to decide whether the love (and found family) they each discovered so far from home is worth fighting for.


Why should you read this book?

This book is for you if you love the movie The Holiday but make it queer.  This book is available on Scribd and Hoopla if you want to listen, as this is the way to go.

This book is available on Kindle Unlimited. 


Hardworking Isabelle Cook has a serious problem. Her family farm, the site of Tilikum’s Christmas Village, is in trouble. Big trouble. And worst of all? The man trying to buy it is the grumpiest, grinchiest man of them all—Elias Stoneheart.

That’s a big nope. She’s not letting him get involved. Not with his heart made of coal.

Elias Stoneheart is in the business of making money, not friends. Especially when his boss promises a long-awaited promotion. All he has to do is convince one struggling family to sell their farm.

The problem? It’s Cook Family Farm. And Isabelle Cook is his ex.


He might have a history with Isabelle, but this is just business. A Christmas-loving farm girl will not come between him and his ambition.


And Christmas? He hates it. Christmas Village needs to go.


But as Elias spends time in the small town, the holiday spirit—and Isabelle—gets under his skin. And she might be the only one who can melt the ice around his heart.


Author’s Note: a sassy farm girl takes on a grumpy businessman in this stand-alone, snowy, small-town Christmas romance. Saucy banter, a guard donkey, plenty of holiday cheer, and a heartwarming happily ever after that will make you believe in the magic of Christmas.

This book is available on Kindle Unlimited


Home for the holidays…


That should be a good thing. Eggnog and Christmas carols. Mistletoe and family. Except my dad broke his leg hanging the family wreath. My brothers are at war over taking proper care of Dad. Oh, and I just found out our family business, the Kringle Inn is failing!

The last thing I need is this mysterious new guy who runs the Kringle tree farm interfering. He’s big, bearded, and grumpy. He wears a lot of flannel and does NOT like taking orders. Especially from me. We can’t agree on anything other than saving the business.

Even if we have to kill each other doing it.

Or kiss each other doing it…

Because I might be falling for the guy.

My name is Kristen, don’t call me Kris,Kringle; this is a Christmas Romance Emergency! 


Why should you read this book?

This book is for you if you love the trope of a big-city girl returning to her hometown and falling in love with the Christmas tree farmer. This book is a longer novella you can read in a few sittings. 

This book is available on Kindle Unlimited.


In my perfect world, it would always be winter and never Christmas.

I despise the holiday. I hate carols, shopping, and pretending to be a perfect family.

I walked away from my family, or rather they walked away from me.

My heart is like ice—

See it creeping up the walls.

Oh, wait, no, that’s royal icing.

I should have kept The Great Christmas Bake-Off from filming in my tower.

And I never ever should have agreed to be a judge.


I love Christmas! I love sparkly window decorations, heartwarming holiday movies, and themed coffee.

Most of all, I love Christmas baking.

Even though his company sponsors the bake-off show, billionaire Jack Frost claims he hates sweets.

But after he tastes my goods, I know he’ll come begging for more.

And wouldn’t you know it, that night, Jack Frost asked me to come up to his penthouse and give him a special taste of my Christmas cookies.

Against my better judgment, I went…

I baked him my signature gingerbread cookies, and he ate them up!

It should have been a Christmas miracle, but Jack Frost couldn’t have come into my life at a worse time.

Not only am I broke, but this was my first Christmas after my oma died.

Someone is trying to sabotage me in The Great Christmas Bake-Off.

I’m being stalked by a mall Santa.

Sleeping with one of the judges is a disaster waiting to happen. I needed Jack and his washboard abs about as much as I needed that third sticky bun. 

But when he says in his deep, sexy voice, “Can you make me some more cookies?” well, stick a candy cane in me, and I’m done.

Eating Her Christmas Cookies is a standalone holiday novel. This novel has open-door scenes. 


Are you looking for more books similar to ‘Tis the Season for Revenge & Christmas Rom-Coms? Let us know in the comments if you have an additional recommendation to add to this list.

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