Full Guide to Dramione Fan Fiction

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Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of Dramione fan fiction with our guest, Shayna. Shayna is the creator of Shayna’s Library on TikTok and Instagram, and she’s here to share her insights and recommendations. If you’re a Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger pairing fan or just curious about fan fiction, this episode is for you.

Shayna’s Journey into Dramione Fan Fiction

Shayna rediscovered her love for fan fiction during the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, she found comfort in the familiar stories of the Harry Potter series and then discovered a TikTok recommendation for a Marauders fan fiction called “All the Young Dudes.” This rekindled her interest in fan fiction, leading her to the world of Dramione. She loves how fan fiction provides new content and escapism, especially during challenging times.

What is Fan Fiction?

Fan fiction is a unique and creative way for fans to expand on the stories and characters they love.

Useful Fan Fiction Terminology:

The fan-created content, known as “Fanon,” often expands beyond what is established in the “Canon” material from the original books and movies.

Proper Etiquette in the Fan Fiction Community

Engaging with fan fiction comes with its own set of rules and etiquette. Shayna emphasizes the importance of respecting copyright laws and not profiting from fan-created stories. Fan fiction falls under “fair use,” allowing fans to transform original content without making money. Authors share their work for free, and it’s crucial to respect that by not buying or selling fan fiction in any form.

Additionally, it is essential to respect fan fiction authors’ wishes. Many authors have specific policies about how their work should be viewed, such as not printing their stories.

Positive feedback and encouragement are always welcome, but demanding updates or leaving negative reviews can be discouraging for authors who write in their free time. Fan Fiction authors do not have teams to work on their fics, such as editors, proofreaders, and copy editors.

You should not post Goodreads updates such as reviews or add the “fic” as a book read. You may use a placeholder for Fan Fiction to count this as a book read. 

Understanding Fan Fiction Word Counts

Fan fiction comes in various lengths, from short one-shots to epic sagas that can be longer than traditional novels. Some stories are as short as 1,000 words, while others can be hundreds of thousands of words long. An average published novel is around 85,000 to 100,000 words, so some fan fiction can be a significant commitment. However, because readers are already familiar with the characters and world, it’s often easier to dive into these longer stories and get engrossed in the plot.

What is Dramione Fan Fiction?

Dramione fan fiction focuses on the pairing of Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. These stories take the original characters and imagine new scenarios, often exploring themes and relationships that weren’t fully developed in the books. 

How to Find and Navigate Fan Fiction

You can find fan fiction on several platforms, including Archive of Our Own (AO3), Wattpad, and Fanfiction.net. Shayna’s personal favorite is AO3. While it can be overwhelming at first, Shayna recommends Googling the title of a fanfic with “Dramione” after it to find popular stories easily. She has also created a database of recommended Dramione fan fictions, which you can access through her TikTok and Instagram profiles.

Here is a link to Shayna’s Library Dramione Fan Fiction Database

You can also check out the Dramione Reddit Community for more fan fiction suggestions within this fandom.

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Top Dramione Fan Fiction Recommendations by Shayna

  1. “Manacled” by SenLinYu:
    • A dark and intense wartime AU where Hermione is captured and used by the Death Eaters; this fic is known for its heavy themes and intricate plot.
  2. The Auction” by LovesBitca8 (Julie Soto):
    • Set in a world where Voldemort won, Draco and Hermione navigate a bleak reality in this compelling and emotional story.
  3. Draco Malfoy and the Mortifying Ordeal of Being in Love” by IsThisSelfCare:
    • A post-war fic where Draco, now an Auror, is assigned to protect Hermione, a medical researcher, leading to a slow-burn romance filled with witty banter.
  4. Remain Nameless” by HeyJude19:
    • Draco and Hermione reconnect in a muggle coffee shop post-war, exploring Draco’s redemption and their evolving relationship.
  5. Measure of a Man” by InADays22:
    • Hermione is called to help Draco’s mother, Narcissa, who has a magical form of dementia, and ends up bonding with Draco and his son, Scorpius.
  6. “Isolation” by Bex-chan:
    • During their seventh year at Hogwarts, Draco and Hermione are forced to share living quarters, leading to an unexpected and deep connection.
  7. “The Disappearances of Draco Malfoy” by Speechwriter:
    • Draco is hidden by the Order of the Phoenix and joins the Golden Trio on their Horcrux hunt, offering a new perspective on the seventh year.
  8. “Things We’re All Too Young to Know” by Nerwrites:
    • Hermione, disguised as Daphne Greengrass, spends her seventh year in Slytherin, getting to know a different side of Draco.
  9. “Meet Your Match” by MorganMercy:
    • Draco and Hermione are set up by mutual friends in the muggle world, leading to humorous and heartfelt interactions.
  10. Love and Other Historical Accidents” by mightbewriting:
    • A time-turner fic where Draco and Hermione are transported to Regency-era Wiltshire and must navigate their way back while dealing with historical challenges.
  11. “The Stars Above Us” by EmbersofApril (Shayna):
    • As Hogwarts professors, Draco and Hermione navigate their past and present feelings amidst the backdrop of a magical championship

You can now check out Shayna’s Library on TikTok and Instagram for more fan fiction tips and recommendations.

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