50 Summer Romance Books that You Must Read

Book Recommendations;  50 Best Summer. Romances to Read by the Beach

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Summertime reading is prime time. Books set in beachy locales are the perfect escape from the work routine and life stress. What better escape than reading a summer romance set on the beach.

I was inspired to create this list by my local library, Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative for their summer romance recommendations.  This list features a mix of backlist titles that you can find at your local library and new releases.

These books are a mix of Women’s fiction with a strong love story storyline.  A lot of these books feature themes such as grief, family, home/Inn renovations, and taking a trip as an escape. 

Now let’s go to the 50 Summer Romance Books Recommendations list. 


Island Time by Georgia Clark (ARC)

An ensemble cast who is stranded on an island off the coast of Australia. This is a great Queer RomCom that you must add to your TBR.

An engaging summer novel set among the scandals of a Nantucket hotel. This book is the perfect Nantucket escape.

This is the first book in a trilogy that once you start reading you won’t stop until the end. This book features a love triangle among brothers. Yes, there is a TV series you can binge after reading this series.

Jenny Hale knows how to write summertime beach reads. This book is described as “A heartwarming small-town romance about new beginnings, old secrets, and how a home is truly where the heart is.”’

This is a summer fling romance featuring a hot hockey player, a mistaken identity blind date, and a journey to get over your ex.

Taking the vacation to Santa Barbara helps her reset yet to reconnect with her family, This books feature an older character that is going through a journey of self-discovery. 

This is an older life second chance romance when they reconnect to each other’s first love. This book is available on Kindle Unlimited.

She built an inn and in the process she found love. This book is set in Nantucket.

A spicy murder mystery set in Cape Cod. This is a cozy mystery with a strong romance storyline.

This is a YA summer romance where the heroine has to get a summer job with people that don’t want her to win the bonus money. Yes, there is a summer romance love storyline.

Described as a widowed artist, an old crush, and getting her life back. In this story, a widowed artist inherits a bed and breakfast that she must renovate. Her old crush is against it. Well, romance ensues.

A charming second chance romance featuring a yoga studio, that reconnects with the heroine’s childhood friend who comes together after a family emergency.

This book is available on Kindle Unlimited. This series features older characters who are unraveling family affairs and who they want to get back the beachfront cottages that were within the family.

A book about sisters and their journey to fall in love, This book is set in Sunset, Kentucky.

Second Chance Summer is set in a lake town in Colorado. This book features a taboo romance with a sister’s ex-boyfriend. This series is high on the spicy level.

This book deals with grief but it features a sailing trip of a lifetime. It has come highly recommended from trusted sources as a must-read.

Neighbor romance alert. This book features elements of grief and starting over. Yes, this is book 11 in a series but it can be read as a standalone.

Two friends set to create a list that will help them self-discover and have more fun.

Nothing says summer reads other than adding a Mary Kay Andrews book. This book features a mystery, a motel, and two sisters on the run.

Another beach read to add to your TBR. This book is described as “summer on Dragonfly Lake is ripe for romance, temptation, and self-discovery as the paths of these three women unexpectedly intertwine.”

When Emma Harris wakes up from a coma she learns that her fiancé and her BFF have fallen in love, she’s lost her job, and the life she knew is gone. This book features a frenemy relationship, grandparents, and just starting over,

A heroine that pretends to be a sommelier at a Scottish Hotel. This book is a comedy of errors on this summer job.

Set in a Coastal Town, two sisters must come together to start over their lives. This book features themes of family, grief, and starting over.

This book features grief and the relationship among sisters.


By Hockman, Angie

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Enemies to lovers who are working towards getting a coveted job. This book is set on a cruise to Galapagos Island. Perfect if you love The Unhoneymooners.

Three generations take a trip to Italy where they must heal and discover who they are.

“Nancy Thayer returns to her beloved Nantucket in a highly emotional, wholly entertaining tale of three sisters forced to confront the past over one event-filled summer on the island.” Three sisters must come back to Nantucket to heal.

This series is set in the Keys. The first book is set in the midst of a hurricane and a couple who come together to put the pieces back together.

This is another book set in the Keys. This is a fake dating romance between a local firefighter and influencer who is on a trip with her family.

Friends to lovers romance between two best friends who over the years have gone on annual vacation. The story is told on present vacation and with flashbacks of the previous trips.

Two writers who are enemies come together to write in each other’s genre in this vacation book.

Set in Charleston, SC a family must come together to heal and forge a new beginning.

Road trip journey featuring a mother, daughter, and driver who is having a quarter-life crisis.

A second chance romance set in a Canadian lake where we see past and present storyline on how these characters fell in and out of love.

This is another second-chance romance between former childhood best friends. Told in the alternating storylines, this book has a major twist.

This is a second-chance romance where the heroine must come back to the Canadian Laketown to renovate an inn she inherited.

A rich influencer is exiled into PNW fish town in order to renovate her dad’s old bar. The local fisherman captain falls hard for her,

Heroine loses it all and needs to start over with her life. This is a second-chance love story. 

This is the story of healing from grief over the loss of your mother and a trip of a lifetime on the Amalfi coast.

Starting over in Magnolia, NC, the heroine buys a house in order to make an Inn. She hires a local furniture builder to help her with the renovations.

Two sisters must come back home to deal with grief over the loss of their sister. There is romance, family healing, and a great setting for an escape, 

This is a heartwarming story about a mother-daughter who takes a road trip. 

A flight attendant is stuck in a layover in Belize where she must explore her feelings towards her fellow flight attendant who she used to hate.

This book features two sisters coming together one summer as they work in an inn and they fall in love.

This is a reverse age gap romance featuring a teacher who is on a beach vacation and falls hard for her much younger tennis instructor,

This book is a retelling of My Best Friends Wedding, where a group of friends takes a weekend trip and what could go wrong.

An unlikely friendship as they escape to a beach house in California. This book has the element we have come to love from Sarah Morgan’s writing.

This is a small town romance set in a Louisianna Bayou. This is the story of an outside Nurse Practioner moving to take over the family practice and a town that has issues with outsiders. 

28 Summers

By Hilderbrand, Elin

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This book features uncovering the secrets of a one-weekend affair. This book is a page-turner with Elin’s signature style.

I want to hear from you, what are some of your favorite summer reads?

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